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We started our business as a training provider in Singapore at 2014. Started with 2 Main Co-Founder, Mr Alam Mohamad Shahin and Ms Priscilia Loh. It was a very humble start. Our office was located on 1 Soon Lee Street #01-14 Pioneer Centre Singapore 627605

S&P Construction Engrg Svcs Pte Ltd was also established in 2016, alongside with S&P Manpower Agency Pte Ltd. It is a Construction company. However, it only started to active entirely in 2020 (also during Circuit Breaker), we were able to maintain the business and keep our workers stayed working, at that time, we have around 20 workers, but now, we have expanded, got more networks all around Singapore, we currently have around 100-200 workers under both Construction and Process sector. Up till now, there are no workers who are idling, and timecards are full every months!!

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Nanotechnology immersion along the information highway will close the loop on focusing solely on the bottom line. Override the digital divide with additional clickthroughs from DevOps.

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One-stop solutions for your career needs. We are here for you whenever, wherever.

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We help you to save time on job searching.

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Our smart solution helps you to save cost from travelling to different locations for interviews.

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One stop solution for employers and employees.

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We offer wide range of jobs to fit your skills.

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We are incorporated in 2016.

We are QOQ (Quality Over Quantity) – We provide quality and excellent services to our clients and for both local and foreign placements for various industries.

Covered Sectors: – construction, marine, PCM, manufacture, landscape, service and etc.

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“We aim to be on of the top manpower recruitment company in Singapore across range of professional levels , industries and companies.”

We take pride of our extensive and diverse experience in supplying manpower requirement for Construction, Engineering, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Landscaping, Information Technology, Retail, Hospitality and Healthcare Industries.

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